Welcome to SWORKS Aviation LLC,
Aviation Consultants

Welcome to SWORKS Aviation LLC,
Aviation Consultants

About Us


Let us take the stress out of buying an aircraft!

With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of general aviation and aviation consulting, let our experience help you. We have experience with Avionics, Aircraft Maintenance, 135 Operations, 145 Repair Stations, Aircraft Management, Aircraft acquisitions, Pre-buys, Aircraft Importing, and Aircraft Purchases. We have literally been there done that and can save you from the costly mistakes often made. 


Controlling Your Cost at All Cost!

Nothing is worse than feeling like you have no control over what an aircraft is costing you to either operate or to maintain. We can help manage the projects and protect your interest. So often the companies providing the service have lost what is important along the way, that's the customer. We don't lose sight of that. It's about establishing relationships, partnerships as aviation is a small world and we should all be working together to make it a better community. 


If Your Looking for a Fresh Approach With Experience to Protect Your Interest?

Then lets start the conversation to see how SWORKS Aviation LLC can be of service to help you on your next project. As Aviation Consultants, we know nothing in Aviation is cut and dry, so why not look to people that can remove some of the pitfalls before you fall in. 


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SWORKS Aviation LLC 111 West Jackson 20th floor Chicago, IL 60604 US

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